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Meet Our Team


Luke Forsee
Lead Pastor

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Luke and his wife, Marissa, moved to Mesa in June 2021. They are passionate about reaching people for Christ and have dedicated their lives to full-time, Christian ministry. They are parents to one beautiful daughter, Elliana. 


Luke graduated from Union Bible College in Westfield, IN with a BA degree in pastoral ministry. 

Meet Our Board


Travis Leib

Travis is the pastor of the Paradise Valley Bible Holiness Church. He and his wife Donna live in Phoenix, AZ. They have been involved in church planting and revitalization.  


Gareth Nickerson

Gareth is the pastor of the Bible Holiness Church in San Bernardino, CA. He is one of the original members of the planting team for his congregation, along with his wife, Regina.


Brad Farless

Brad Farless is the Lead Pastor of the Lake Los Angeles Bible Holiness Church in Palmdale, CA. He and his wife Janae love the Lord and are passionate about ministry.

We are in the process of a church revitalization at East Valley Church. The men who serve on the board of directors are elder-qualified and provide accountability and oversight to the pastor until God raises up qualified men in our local congregation.

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